Navigating the Pitfalls and Plusses of Parenting

As a new parent, I had no idea what hit me. And like most all other (honest) parents, still don't feel like I've got it down. That's why there's The Parent Rap - a walk-the-talk show featuring and parents working through the issues facing our kids - and us - daily. We rap on how we interact with our kids to how we interact with the people who drive our kids futures and even other parents that drive us crazy, to discussing raising kids who raise awareness.

The Parents Rap On...

Valentine's Day Special: Mindfulness in Relationships

The Brain Gangster Stacey Turis and Spiritual Psychotherapist Kaitlin Robinson of Ask Kaitlin join me in Part 2 of our discussion on mindfulness and parenting for a focus on bringing mindfulness to relationships with our co-parents. From lover to spouse to baby-daddy and nanny, this episode is just in time for spreading the love, not the resentments, this Valentine's Day. 

Schedules that Work for Our Kids & Injustice that Doesn't for Our World

Kids Kill Coolness founder/blogger Kate Dirienzo Payne drops by to talk about the schedules that helped keep her sane in raising twin boys, the ones that kept us sane when our foster kids arrived, and the challenges parents face in raising kids in an ever-changing world: tackling injustice and tough conversations with kids. 

Want the Easy Schedule Kate talks about? Click the link below, thanks to NOOB!

Click Here for the "Easy" Schedule for Sleep, Eating, & More: Newborns, Infants & Toddlers. Thanks NoobMommy.Com
& Kids Kill Coolness


Best-selling Author Stacey Turis of and Spiritual Psycho-therapist Kaitlin Robinson of join me to discuss techniques in mindfully raising kids. 

Shame & Prejudice

Shame is an interesting 5 letter word. And prejudice is just f*cked. We get real on experiencing both as parents, as kids, and seeing it in our kids. Dr Angelica Hernandez & Marki Costello are back to yak on parenting in a world where these shame and prejudice are raring their ugly heads in greater extremes.

Real Talk with Kids

This 'The Parent Rap' episode brings back Manager/Coach/mom Marki Costello and Mom/Psychologist Dr Angelica Hernandez of 2Moms2Kids  talking about real talk with kids, boundaries, and getting out of the helicopter without getting out of control. 


Manager, mom & mentor Marki Costello (not momager - big difference here) christens The Parent Rap with her wise insights and hysterical points-of-view. Dr. Angelica Hernandez of joins us to round provide the lesbian, mother, Doctorate of Education and Masters of Developmental Psychology point-of-view (show-off).  Watch and let us know your experience with Control on our Facebook Page or by shooting us an email

Parental Guidance

Some of the things shared on The Parent Rap that saved our sanity (ish).

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The Parents Who Rap

Me - A Parent?!

I got this??

I got this??

I am a foster parent, currently raising two beautiful baby boys (1 & 2 years old) with my handsome husband of 2 years. For us, sleep has been replaced by the desire to make the best imprint we can on these boys lives, whether for today or forever. While I'm sure I'm doing an ok(ish) job, there's SO MUCH TO LEARN.