What is the Daley Kennedy?

Thanks for checking us out. I am Jason Daley Kennedy, a producer, content creator, meditator and on-camera personality. I started The Daley Kennedy part out of a desire to circumvent preachy content and reinvent what the idea of "good" means to me. . I live in Los Angeles with my husband, our two foster-kids and two dogs. Thanks for taking the time to stop by, and please check back for change, Daily (Daley).

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My daily reprieve from being an asshole is mindful meditation. These conversations, meditations, manic button moments and more will help in putting the space between cool, calm, collected you and asshole you. 

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As a new parent, I had no idea what hit me. And like most all other (honest) parents, I still don't have a clue. That's why there's The Parent Rap -  parents and experts rap on how we interact with our kids and raising kids who raise awareness.

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Tinsel Town Spreads Cheer All Year in Results-Based Foundations Moving the Needle of Social Change in Our World. Here are some of our favorite examples.


Good Food Before You Say Goodnight. Join Lisa Kara of Zinc Nutrition as She Makes Us Healthy Food and Makes Fun of Me ;)



Hungry for something GOOD? Join Zinc Nutrition founder, nutritionist Lisa (Johnson) Kara as she schools me - and you - on what to eat for a GOOD late night snack.

On my way outta my 30's and getting fear outta my way on the way. 

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