The Daley Kennedy Is

part good news, part inspiring views, and part approachable How-We-Dos. The shows, guests, contributors and the voice of me - Jason Daley Kennedy - are meant to get people thinking, talking, and acting. 


The Daley Kennedy Is NOT

Fake News, Real News, Preachy, Bitchy, Whiny, Angry, Pollyanna, or Right (in every sense of the word). If you think we messed this part up, let us know here.

About Jason Daley Kennedy?

I started The Daley Kennedy part out of a desire to circumvent preachy content and reinvent what the idea of "good" means to me. In addition to the content you see here on The Daley Kennedy, you'll find more of my work at Meditation for Assholes, where you can book me for seminars, sessions and coaching.

You can check out my reel for examples of the work I've done as an interviewer and host, and if you are interested in booking, you can send an email to Marki Costello at CMEG.

Additionally, The Daley Kennedy produces content that produces change for other businesses and initiatives - you can find some of that work here.

Thanks for taking the time to check out The Daley Kennedy.